Ritah Asiimwe

Ugandan Parabadminton Champion & Paralympian

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Season 3


Ritah lost her hand when machete and hammer-wielding thieves broke into her Grandma’s house in 2005. Today, Ritah is the African Para Badminton Champion and was one of only four Ugandan Paralympians who participated in the Tokyo Paralympics.

Today she opens up about losing her hand, and how she’s moved forward (including relearning how to write after becoming left-handed). Her north star? Making the best of every day. According to Ritah, “I never feel cheated because I saved so many livest.” And it was very important that her that who and how she acted didn’t change after the attack either. According to her close friend and classmate, Earn Madrine Nabiwemba “coming back to school with one arm, she was like, you people do not feel sorry for me. This is the same old Ritah and I’m going to do everything I’ve been doing before now with one arm. Don’t feel sorry for me. Treat me the way you’ve been treating me.”


Outside badminton, Ritah, like many others with disabilities, has faced employment discrimination. Ritah opens up about these employment struggles and celebrates some very exciting news! As Ritah says: “I am capable of doing anything and everything, just like any other person. That’s how I am, and that’s how I live.” She certainly is. At the end of Ritah’s episode, she asks that we all consider a donation to help her continue working towards her dream: Paris 2024.

Contributing experts include:

  • Jennifer Bird (Sue’s Sister)
  • Coach Dawn Staley (Sue’s Former Teammate & Coach, Hall of Famer & Head Coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks)
  • Marina Mabrey (Professional Basketball Player, Dallas Wings)-Zoe & Alex Bird (Sue’s Nieces)

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