Flame Bearers is the first global storytelling platform, illuminating the unsung stories of resilient women Olympians & Paralympians. We are a community driving positive change, building connections, and creating a space where women athletes feel valued and empowered to share their stories. We tell stories via podcast, video and live events, giving women Olympians & Paralympians a platform to share their trials and triumphs, discuss what life is like outside the games, what matters most to them, and bring unique perspectives to their stories. These stories deserve to be heard. Because they inspire us, help us to understand the world better, and move us to tap into our own resilience.

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Our Host

Jamie Mittleman
Jamie Mittelman Founder & Host
Jamie Mittelman is the founder and host of Flame Bearers, an award-winning podcast and the world's first storytelling platform specifically for women Olympians and Paralympians. Her background is in media, having managed a $30 Million media portfolio on behalf of the conglomerate of Yahoo, The Huffington Post, AOL, and Verizon. She founded Flame Bearers while receiving her Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School where she received an award for her significant impact on the Harvard community. Jamie's work with Flame Bearers has reach in 48 countries and recently received 4 Signal Awards in the categories of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Public Service & Activism. Prior to Harvard, Jamie received her MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. She was a college athlete and is running her second marathon this spring, but when speaking with Flame Bearers athletes she dons her marketer and communication hat.

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