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Sam Mewis & Lynn Williams (USA): Soccer & SNACKS


Sam Mewis & Lynn Williams

Sam Mewis grew up flipping over rocks in the woods of Massachusetts hunting for salamanders, while Lynn Williams grew up on a pecan farm with her “huge family of non-farmers” in Clovis, California. Flash forward and the two are inseparable. According to Sam & Lynn, they’re in a “very serious platonic friendship.” As former roomies who dominated the field together, gone through injuries and covid together, and yes, even podcasted together, they’ve seen each other through it all. As huge fans and supporters of their podcast, SNACKS, we thought it would be fun to have the duo onto Flame Bearers together. So this episode is a bit different than our normal ones, but we’re going with it! This week, soccer superstars Sam & Lynn talk about their upbringings, time in and after Tokyo and getting in front of the mic. Media clips from the following sources were used in this podcast:





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Sam and Lynn on Flamebearers on Soccer