Ray Bassil (Lebanon)

Ray Bassil (Lebanon): Finding Your Courage to Lead


To date, Ray Bassil is the only Lebanese athlete who has qualified for Tokyo, but Ray is used to blazing her own trails: she was the first Arab female Olympic Trapshooter, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Ammunition Line entrepreneur, Academy founder, and servant leader for her country of Lebanon. She’s definitely someone to keep in your crosshairs!

In this episode, we speak with 6x World Champion medalist in trap shooting, Ray Bassil, who has broken nearly every possible barrier in her home country of Lebanon. We discuss the challenges she faces living in Lebanon during a global pandemic and the recent explosion in Beirut. Lastly, we explore Ray’s leadership for her country and the United Nations Development Program for youth and gender equality.

Contributing experts include Gracia Makhlouf (Ray’s Mental Coach); Professor Ella Bell (Professor, Tuck School of Business); and Professor Carmen Geha (Activist and Associate Professor, Public Administration, American University of Beirut).

Audio clips from Trap Women Final – 2016 ISSF World Cup in all events in Rio de Janeiro (BRA); Alarabiya News’ ‘Lebanese women trapshooting champion speaks about her achievements’; and Baschieri & Pellagri: interview with Ray Bassil.

Ray Bassil – Flame Bearers