Mihaela Hogas
(Romania): Breaking Barriers Through Speed Skating

When Mihaela was 9, she went to a park and saw some kids inline skating. She didn’t realize it was actually for the winter sport of speed skating, but she was curious enough to give it a try herself: “In that moment, I decided my life. Here I am 13 years later, still doing it” despite the fact that Romania doesn’t have any rinks for her to train on. Mihaela is now her country’s fastest female speed skater.

In this episode, Mihaela reveals how the life of a professional athlete during COVID-19 has actually been quite lonely (even in the Olympic village), and what it means to her and others to be the fastest female Romanian Speed Skater in the world. We hear from her sister, Adina, nephew, Darius, and two best friends, Florentina and Madalina.

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