Mialitiania Clerc (Madagascar)

Mialitiania Clerc (Madagascar): Being the First Malagasy & Alpine Skiing


Mialitiana (Mia) is the first woman Winter Olympian from Madagascar and her goal is to “inspire all Africans.” While she grew up in France with her adoptive parents, a big part of Mia’s identity is as a Malagasy, and she wants to be living proof that a black African woman can reach the top in this sport.

In this episode, Mia shares what it means to be the first and only Malagasy woman to compete in the Winter Olympics, as well as about her remarkable recovery from her broken tibia and fibula less than a year ago.

Contributing experts include St├ęphane Clerc (Mia’s Father), and Elodie (Mia’s Friend).

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