Kym Crosby
(USA): Sprinting, Marriage & Albinism

Paralympic 100M bronze medalist and World Championship silver medalist, Kym Crosby has ‘limited sight, limitless dreams.’ Kym is legally blind, but she hasn’t let that stand in the way of anything she sets her mind to, including becoming one of the world’s fastest women.

As half-Jamaican, she identifies as bi-racial, but the world has rarely viewed her that way because she has albinism. In this episode we explore Kym’s experience as a black woman with limited sight and albinism, and her marriage to fellow US Track & Field Paralympian, Erik Hightower. Serious power couple alert!

Experts interviewed include her Erik Hightower (Husband, Two time Paralympian), and Ero Ikponwosa (Independent Expert on the human rights of people with albinism, United Nations).

Audio clips from ‘Challenged Athletes Live Q&A with Bob Babbitt: Episode Sixty Seven | Kym Crosby Hightower and Erik Hightower’, The Orion’s “Mini Profile | Blind Sprinter Kym Crosby”, 7 New’s coverage of SpotMyUV

Kym Crosby – Flame Bearers


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