Aline Rocha
(Brazil): Sport as Freedom & Women in Para Sports

When Aline was 15 years old, she was in a car accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. That said, she says “sport changed my life, not the accident.” According to Aline sport gave her wings, the ability to travel, and to meet people from all over the world.

In this episode, we speak with Brazilian Paralympic cross-country skier, Aline Roche about her passion for sport, and what it’s like to be the only female para cross country skier from all of South America competing in the 2022 Winter Games. As a former Flag Bearer for her nation and someone who has competed in both the Summer and Winter Paralympics, we also discuss what it’s like to be disabled in Brazil and her hopes for women in para sports for the future.

Contributing expert include Fernando Orso (Aline’s Coach and Husband), Dr. Mônica da Silva Araujo (PhD in Anthropology and Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Federal University of Piauí, Brazil)

This episode was made possible by Michael Cerqueria. Thank you for your translation help, Michael!

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