The Queen – THE Kim Crabbe

Kim Crabbe

It was an absolute honor to speak with so many of Kim’s family and friends, eight of them in total. They each provided a unique perspective on Kim’s impact on them, her importance of representation on the US original squad, and the soccer communities she continues to serve to this day. 

Kim Crabbe

Kim’s sister, Kacey, donning an OOSA shirt was ready with a copy of the Pride of a Nation book (a celebration of the US Women’s National Soccer Team) to share examples. Kim’s daughter, Jazmine, was speaking to a story about how Kim goes out of her way for all people, when a neighbor knocked on her door to pass along thanks to Kim for dropping off diapers last night for their newborn baby. One of Kim’s grandkids, Leila, even popped in to say a few words to Kim calling her the “best grandma in the world, who is loving, caring and so much fun”. 

Kim’s coaches and good friends helped shape her into the person she is today. Her colleague Sam described her as “the Queen, someone who needs to be celebrated and highlighted in such a manner”. Sully called her the best of us, someone who has been her longtime friend and is now family. Kim also has a very goofy side. A photo of Kim was produced with her always with a whistle in hand or in her mouth ready to use for a new drill. Sully laughed about her players would tease her for complaining about her sore feet from walking up large hills. 


Kim is the definition of a trailblazer in every sense of the word, and from Kacey “an underdog with a purpose”. She is a mentor to many, both biological and non-biological. Her legacy in the sport of soccer continues to this day, it only began as the first African-American player to represent the US Women’s National Team. 


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