Flame Bearers celebrates

Flame Bearers celebrates the resilience of women through the lens of sport. From household names to unsung heroes, each of our featured stories highlights the successes, struggles, and social issues that drive the world’s most prestigious athletes.


Flame Bearers is the preeminent storytelling platform shining a light on women Olympians and Paralympians from across the globe who are driven to reach the peak of achievement. We’re a community galvanized around women helping to craft a new narrative. A Flame Bearer is someone who is driven by something deeper. Who face their challenges with fearlessness no matter the obstacles in front of them. Someone who in the face of dramatic odds, shows a resilience that often leads to them pushing the limits of human potential. We tell stories via podcasts, live events and video.

Historically, women Olympians and Paralympians have faced media bias and coverage and struggle with gender inequality made worse by media coverage and policies. At Flame Bearers, we tell their stories and amplify their voices. We also document evidence of their bravery, competence and successes.
Flame Bearers will facilitate a conversation to examine issues around the status of women of the Olympics and Paralympics through inclusion and diversity, respect for storytelling and recognition of achievements. We are pulling together creators and leaders in sports who are willing to uphold equitable standards, review biases, and together learn how we are building an ecosystem that honours each athlete’s legacy. We have designed this fellowship curriculum to cover storytelling, digital media creation, and communication.
This program will combine optional online assignments, weekly reflections, discussions and mentorship.


Flame Bearers methods to maximize learning for every Fellow is to provide multiple opportunities for students to learn from our designed curriculum, diverse pool of experts, hands-on personal projects and fellow cohort.

We intentionally curate each cohort to include people from different talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. Similar to success at the Olympics, you need a team rooting for you and working with you to get you to the podium.

*Please note that this syllabus is a guideline for this course and is subject to change.



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