The Heart of Asheville: Stacey Enos

Stacy was the catalyst for the reunion weekend for the 1985 team. Stacey moved to Asheville and spread roots in the community and was one of the founding members of Asheville City Soccer Club. She was the connector for many youth and adult teams programming, and with the Asheville Club did a fantastic job organizing activities for the weekend, with the culmination of the final game of the season with the ‘85er halftime celebration. 


After the game the Asheville Club has a tradition of creating a tunnel the team ran through after. Stacey shared praise for several players, even some dance moves, and then the group on the field started the Stacey Enos chant with the line “there is only one, Stacey Enos, hey hey!” It was clear how big Stacey’s network reaches, and how much the Asheville community loves her. 

Stacey’s son Gabrielle took part in some of the soccer competitions, scoring a goal across the hotel’s pool and receiving celebratory high-fives from many of the ‘85ers. We got the chance to sit down with Gabrielle where he shared how special his mom is to him and so many others, and his version of the OOSA chant. Stacey welcomed Flame Bearers to Asheville with open arms, and could not be more grateful for the opportunity to be there for the reunion. 

Stacey Enos on Flame Bearer’s Instagram


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