Madhugandha, with a background in engineering and a strong portfolio in data science, is a passionate storyteller who uses data to make an impact. As a Project Manager and Fellowship Coordinator at Flame Bearers, she brings her expertise in community management, documentation, and social impact work to the team.

During her college years, Madhu founded an open-source community that provides free workshops and training on various technical and non-technical aspects to students, showcasing her commitment to empowering others. She organizes various career oriented events for students at IIT Madras BS Degree Program. In her role as Fellowship Coordinator for flame bearers, she ensures smooth operations and facilitates meaningful experiences for fellows, supporting their growth and development.

She strongly believes in the power of sports to bring out the best in people, fostering qualities such as teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and
decision-making. As a Project Manager at Flame Bearers, she collaborates with organizations and works on content creation, documentation, innovation, market research, and resource management, leveraging her passion for sports and data-driven storytelling.

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