Speed on her side: Kathy Ridgewell-Williams

Marissa Potter Director of Brand & Partnerships

Kathy Ridgewell-Williams

I really enjoyed Kathy’s episode hearing more about her soccer career and personal endeavors. Kathy was not in attendance at the Asheville celebration, but it is apparent from her conversation with Michelle how many good memories they could reminisce on from their early soccer days. 

Kathy Ridgewell-Williams

Kathy spoke about two things that resonated with me. First is how she grew up playing soccer with the boys because she did not easily spot teams for girls. It was hilarious to hear her and Michelle laugh about changing their clothes, especially on school photo days, out of their proper dresses or outfits their parents picked out and instead back into their pants.

These observations by Kathy are similar to what I experienced years later, that girls were held to a different standard when it comes to formal dresswear, but I was lucky enough that there were many options for girls teams in a variety of sports. I enjoyed playing with the boys and formed many great friendships that way. 

There is still a long way to go for equal opportunities and representation in sports for girls, but we have Kathy and the 85ers to thank for changing these perceptions, playing for the love of the game, and for more freedom to whatever you want (pants!).