Soccer in her DNA: Lori Bylin Sweeney

Marissa Potter Director of Brand & Partnerships

Lori Bylin Sweeney

Lori was an engaged and incredible advocate all weekend in Asheville. In one of the soccer challenges put on, Lori wanted to do a bit of a warm up before jumping into the video. Mind you, we are on the rooftop of the Asheville Element hotel where they graciously let us utilize their space and equipment. Lori warmed up by passing the ball against the cement background, even juggling easily over 20 times before confirming she was ready for the challenges! 

Lori Bylin Sweeney

I had the opportunity to speak with Lori’s child friend and USWNT teammates, Amy Griffith, who  shared her team with Lori her siblings as “Sweenies meanies”. Amy joined Lori and her siblings in their backyard soccer field games with many fond memories and appreciation for those games now. Amy described Lori as a free player on the field, and an avid listener off the field, soaking up knowledge and information. Lori was a pleasure to meet, and eager to jump into the next activity. Thank you Lori for your dedication to soccer and for sharing your joy of the game with more of us!