Role model for all: Kim Wyant

Kim Wyant

While Kim Wyant, unfortunately, was not able to make it to Asheville, we received a letter from one of her current assistant coaches at NYU, Joe. A few of the main sentiments Joe shared to Kim: “Her mentoring goes well beyond the game and she has also been a massive presence in how I am as a father and husband and how I am able to strike such a favorable work-life balance.

I honestly can’t imagine myself working with anyone else and I am so thankful that I get to work with such an amazing person every day. She is fierce and competitive, but is understanding and sympathetic; she pushes boundaries, but nurtures community and togetherness; she is a fighter, but shows empathy. She is not only an unbelievable professional and master of her craft, but blends it seamlessly with being an amazing human being.” Couldn’t agree more what an incredible role model and champion of soccer Kim is! 


As we learn in the episode, Kim is still a huge contributor to soccer. She is one of the ONLY women coaching a men’s team at the collegiate level, regardless of division. This is a fantastic article about Kim’s NYU team facing off against University of Chicago’s female coach Julianne Sitch that Kim mentioned in the episode. Check out this fantastic article:

Coaching disparity resonates so strongly coming on the heels of the Women’s World Cup. Kim inspired her competitor Sitch to coach a men’s team, and surely more will follow. Thank you Kim for trailblazing the path as a USWNT ‘85er, and currently being a historic leader in the coaching world. 


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