Resilience Warrior: Cindy Gordon

Cindy Gordon

I hope everyone listens to Cindy Gordon’s episode. I had the opportunity to connect with Cindy’s friend, Amy Carnell, who Cindy credits as helping her come forward with her own sexual abuse story. Amy was incredible to talk to, so open about her and Cindy’s relationship and how they have kept in touch over the years forming their own support network. Amy shared her personal story of sexual abuse in the soccer sphere in fall 2020. It is tremendously powerful, sad and brave of Amy. Article here:


Cindy shares in the episode she spoke with Amy the same night Amy came forward publicly, and their friendship evolved from there. Cindy might not have shared her story if it weren’t for Amy, and with her support she decided to speak openly with the hope it may bring courage to just one person to come forward who experienced similar trauma. Amy is so proud of Cindy as she has been a direct witness to watching Cindy evolve and get so much stronger in her healing journey. Amy talks about Cindy and the 85ers and how competitive they were, without even knowing what the future they would be. She credits this team with putting US Soccer on the map. 

Thank you Cindy and Amy for your courage and honesty raising awareness of this epidemic in youth and pro sports. We are here to support you, always.



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