Caster Semenya (South Africa)

Why Flame Bearers?

Olympic and Paralympic athletes are physical and mental warriors. They are the best in the world at what they do, and coming out of the pandemic; they have battled unprecedented levels of physical and emotional stress to stay there. These athletes got up and trained daily without knowing the Tokyo and Beijing Olympics would even happen. That said, it’s not just their work in the fields that make them legendary. These women are bosses who unabashedly go for what they want, creating businesses and nonprofits, starting families, and advocating for the issues they hold closest to their hearts. They capitalize on their positions as athletes to become champions for so much more than themselves.

Some famous Olympians include Caster SemenyaBecky Sauerbrunn, Alexa Moreno, Sue Bird, and countless others.

Celebrating women athletes

Celebrate women athletes with a collection of inspiring stories about the various ways that they are changing and impacting fields across the world. From winning Olympic medals to shattering glass ceilings and stomping through floors, these women are redefining what’s possible. Look at their stories and be inspired by what they’ve done.


Women play an instrumental role in inspiring young females to become interested in sports and continue playing at a high level. To get the most out of their potential, it is crucial to provide them with the knowledge they need to succeed. We elevate global stories of women in sport, so little girls everywhere know they can do it too.  A lack of representation makes it near impossible for younger girls to see their future selves in someone who doesn’t ‘exist’ today. We amplify the voices of women from all backgrounds and experiences — and in doing so, are humanizing and changing perceptions of women everywhere. We support athletes from all continents except Antarctica and individuals of all sexual identities, races, religions, ableism, income levels, and languages.

Women athletes face many challenges that many athletes don’t. Most face systemic inequities (pay inequity, for example) that force them not to be able to play their sport for income simply.

Many feel they must prove themselves every time they step on the court or field. Why? Countless reasons range from unrealistic societal expectations to a desire to be a powerful role model to a lack of support from family and friends. The list goes on.  Despite these challenges, countless women continue to pursue their sports dreams.