For the love of the game: Pam Baughman-Cornell

Pam Baughman-Cornell

It was so much fun to spend time with Pam and her husband, Glenn in Asheville. Towards the end of the weekend, they expressed how much they enjoyed all the activities (thank you, Stacey, Asheville SC, and Asheville Element). They were ready for another soccer-filled weekend in San Jose, Pam and 2 other 85ers met the current USWNT before their send-off match against Wales. 

Pam Baughman-Connell

It was apparent meeting Glenn, and hearing in the episode how special their partnership is and how critical his support is to Pam. They have been a constant in each other’s lives, going back to high school and before her selection to the 85 national team. 

It is so awesome to see how Pam’s time in the national team spilled over into her life. She talks about getting into racing, consistently placing 1st or 2nd! This is no surprise to anyone who has met Pam, and continues to push those boundaries. You are a constant inspiration, Pam! 


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