Meet The Flame Bearers Advisory Board

With a new year, comes many new exciting opportunities. After many months of preparation and advice from other incredible women’s sports communities– (thank you Sue Anstiss, Fearless Women and Liz Webster, Boston College, for your support and guidance, we are excited to announce our inaugural Advisory Board. These industry leaders have connected personally with the Flame Bearers mission and believe deeply in our work. We are so appreciative of their guidance and support.

Without further ado… here is more information about the Inaugural Flame Bearers Advisory Board.

Emma Minto

Emma shares “It’s a privilege to work with such a unique and powerful storytelling organization dedicated to illuminating the untold stories of resilient women Olympians and Paralympians. Sport, life, and global community is a powerful and inspirational combination. Having even a small connection to Flame Bearers’ work is an honor.”

Kessely offered, “Hearing the stories of courageous and resilient women athletes is a powerful inspiration to young girls to try their hardest and dream big. I love the dedication of the Flame Bearers team to sharing these stories with the world.”

Kim encourages everyone to remember that “Every moment is an opportunity for growth.”

Dino shares “Flame Bearers is adding a refreshing and much needed voice to the way that sports are narrated. There’s nothing more powerful than storytelling with a soul and purpose, and I am thrilled to be able to work with them.”

Karen Korellis Reuther

Karen writes “Through sharing the inspiring and unique stories of female Olympians and Paralympians, Flame Bearers brings to life the power and potential of sport for all in a unique and personal way. I believe that sport can change lives, and I’m proud to be part of this amazing company!”

Karin shares, “I’m excited to be a part of Flame Bearers, a storytelling platform that has carried the torch for female-identified Olympians and Paralympians since 2020. Every single athlete’s story is compelling: not only do we find out about the enthusiasm with which the athletes pursue their passion, but we also learn about how these athletes try to overcome sexism and ableism in sports, achieve pay equity, and serve as mentors to younger generations. I am looking forward to helping Flame Bearers grow into different directions beyond podcasting.”

Dr. Ketra Armstrong

According to Ketra,: “I am delighted to join the Flame Bearers Advisory Board and support them in their continuing efforts to champion and elevate the revolution that is women in sport!”  Welcome Ketra!

In closing, the unveiling of our inaugural advisory board marks a pivotal moment in Flame Bearers’ journey. With these individuals guiding our path, we are poised to elevate women’s sports storytelling to unprecedented heights. Their passion, expertise, and dedication serve as the beacon lighting the way forward, inspiring us to amplify the voices and achievements of female athletes around the globe. Here’s to a future where every woman’s story in sports shines brightly, thanks to the unwavering support of our incredible advisory board and community.

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