Flame Bearers Fellowship



Flame Bearers celebrates the resilience of women through the lens of sport. From household names to unsung heroes, each of our featured stories highlights the successes, struggles, and social issues that drive the world’s most prestigious athletes.


Flame Bearers Fellows

Why Flame Bearers:

To provide opportunities for both athletes and fans alike

    • For women Olympians and Paralympians to share their dreams, struggles, and lessons of mental fortitude, overcoming stereotypes, and building resilience
    • For listeners to learn from the life-changing experiences of these elite women athletes 
    • For women everywhere to know they are not alone and have a community that will always be behind them!

Why You:

    • You love sports (playing or watching) and believe sports can change lives
    • You’re a go-getter who likes to lift up other women because you know we all rise together
    • You are curious about women from around the world!
    • You see differences as opportunities for connection and learning, not something to be fearful of or to avoid
    • You have ideas that you can improve sports and for women all around the world